Tuesday, February 8, 2011

That's Random.

Rob's mom got Charlie a "Rody" for Christmas. Its basically a blown up plastic horse type animal that kids can rock on. It's made in Italy. That's all I know about this toy. We haven't blown it up yet because I think Charlie would just fall off of it since he is in a climbing phase.

Anywho, I am looking forward to having him play with this but the kids on the box are kind of creeping me out.

Example #1 - Why is she frowning? Shouldn't she be smiling because of all the fun she is having with her Rody? You're not selling the Rody to me, Creepy Girl #1. As a mom, I feel kind of bad calling a girl creepy. But c'mon..smile or something!

Example #2 - This kid looks like he's about to get a whippin'. It makes me feel like using the Rody is bad. Very bad.
Example #3 - Ok, really? You are now resorting to going the sexual route? Yes, you are smiling now but that just looks wrong.

I promise to share pictures of Charlie riding his Rody when the time comes. I also promise he will be smiling and not looking sassy.


Rob said...

They probably told those kids "don't smile or I'll kick your ass!". But it didn't sound bad because they said it in Italian.

Dorothy said...

LMAO...yes those pictures ARE weird! Italians...