Thursday, February 10, 2011

Please Tell Me Your House Looks Like This.

We hired a new nanny a few weeks ago. The night before her first day, I frantically tried to clean up as much as possible. I didn't want to be judged, I don't like having a messy house (contrary to what my husband thinks). As I went from room to room I thought hoped I wasn't the only one whose house looked like this all the time sometimes.

Random Christmas dog toy on living room coffee table.

Tables leaning up against couch, tables are from Christmas dinner. Yes, Christmas.

Oh look, another random Christmas dog toy (I swear I took these pics a couple weeks ago and not in December) and baby wipes on the formal dining room table.

Towell holder, with no towell.

Bag of poopy diapers. Just chillin'.

Stuff on the laundry room floor, just cuz.

Moving right along...

Toy explosion.

Overflowing sink.

Un unpacked bags from a weekend getaway that happened a week ago.

So I cleaned it up and now, a few weeks later, we have new random piles of crap laying around the house. I do not know how to stay on top of it. The few times I have to relax, I do just that and leave the heaps hanging out around the house. I walk by them and glare at them. They annoy me. But its my fault. So I guess I annoy myself. I'm not sure where this post is going. I should probably go clean.


Brad & Rachel said...

My house is even a little worse than yours. ;)

Her Momma said...

actually... mine's worse. :) nice try, though. ;)

Jen said...

Yeah, this is not bad at all...I say take time to relax and spend time with your family. There will always be stuff to clean.:-)

sfloyd said...

Are you kidding? My house is ssoooooooooooo much worse than this! I was off three days last week and two this (due to snow) and did NOTHING? With Miss Molly, it's hard to get anything done or to keep the kitchen clean. I feel your pain girl!

Dorothy said...

You have been to my KNOW is is worse! And, it is just the two of us!
P.S. I love the dirty diapers sausage! awesome!