Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That's Random.

I'm a fan of water.

Not drinking it, unfortunately, but soaking in it, like I did the other night.

I've always loved taking baths. I remember almost every night, I'd tell my parents that I was going to take a bath and off I went. I'd load up the tub with my barbies and ken doll. I'd fill the tub up with the water as hot as I can handle. Then when the water would go cold and I would turn pruney, I drained some water, and added more water to make it warmer.

And in the summer, I'd go to the community pool by my lonesome and swim for hours. I'm proud of myself for doing that - I think I had more guts to do solo stuff like that when I was younger. I'd swim so much I'd build up a mean appetite and then I'd call my mom and she'd drop off Chicken Littles for me. I thought it was awesome. Rob tells me its not awesome, but kind of strange.


Rob said...

the way you originally described it was you would sit out on a big grassy field by yourself and eat your little chicken tenders all by yourself. I just picture a little toe-head blond girl all alone in the middle of a big patch of grass munching on chicken. it's kind of sad. if you saw a little kid just sitting by themselves in a park or something wouldn't you feel bad for them? or think "that's a strange little kid..."?

Gale Hoover Hammond said...

Rob, you are so funny :) Alyssa, it doesn't seem that long ago I used to bring those little chicken sandwiches to you - Chicken Littles I think they were called. I'm a big fan of water, too, so I totally get it. But if it's strange to just hang out and enjoy your own company, then just let your freak flag fly :)

Jenni said...

My bath tub is kind of my favorite thing in our whole else. Totally feel ya, lady! :) This picture made me smile... and made me want to go take a bath!!