Sunday, February 27, 2011

Second Fiddle.

People told me that Buddy would not get as much attention after we had a baby. I thought most people would not give their dogs the same attention after they had a baby, but not me. I wouldn't do that because Buddy is my baby and I love him more than a lot of people I know. That's horrible isn't it? This doesn't include family and close friends, I just want to be clear on that!

Fast forward a year or so....we would be lying if we said Buddy got close to the same attention that he used to get. Sure, we do walk him almost every day (we'll skip if its raining or we're REALLY tired but most days, he's walked) and we play with him everyday even if for a few minutes. I think Rob and I both try to give him as much attention as he was used to but its so hard when you're focus has changed to that of a human that needs you for everything.

So this is what its come Buddy will tolerate any type of attention he receives from us.


Gale Hoover Hammond said...

Buddy knows (or thinks he knows!) he is still #1 Baby :)

Melissa said...

LOL, poor Buddy! Oh well, he'll get over it!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh this makes me a bit sad. Everyone keeps telling me that about my two dogs and they're my babies...oh and I'm pregnant w/ our first.

<3, New Follower
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