Friday, February 11, 2011


I received a few comments to my last blog saying stuff like "oh no, my house is much worse." I felt like I was lying to y'all because I conveniently left out a couple pictures that I was too embarassed to post. I don't know if I'm posting out of guilt (partially) or because I can be a bit competitive ("no, I have the messiest house!"). Whatever the reason, I thought I'd come clean.

This room doesn't look like this all the time. Most times, the stuff isn't on the bed but dumped in the corner of the room. I promise I am not a hoarder and there is not a small puppy trapped underneath my stuff or mushrooms growing in the carpet. It does get straightened up sometimes and then it gets all crazy again.

I have another room upstairs that we call "_____'s room". That's the name of our future daughter (nope, not pregnant yet). That room you can't even walk in. Its stuff we never unpacked when we moved 2.5 years ago plus all the baby stuff Charlie has outgrown. Maybe I'll share that room with you someday but I'm not ready yet.

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Brad & Rachel said...

Haha, how did you get a picture of my bedroom? =)