Monday, April 26, 2010

First Date Night Post Charlie.

I asked my mom and dad to watch Charlie so Rob and I could go on a date. We have been on a double date once since he was born, and out with him, but not a one on one date (sounds like I'm talking about "The Bachelor"). I think its important for couples to have time to reconnect but its so hard during the first couple months - plus you're so tired. Here we are about to leave on our date.

We went to Sicilia in Bocca in Morgan Hill.
Our town is little but we have some great mom and pop restaurants some of them being Italian, Thai , Sushi, Indian, etc. Sicilia in Bocca is a tiny house that has been converted into a restaurant. It was the first time we had both been there. The food was really good and we actually spent most of the time NOT talking about Charlie. Our date was only an hour and fifteen minutes but it was time well spent with my pooper.

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