Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apparently I have Ecxema.

I guess I can no longer blame Rob for Charlie's ecxema. Bummer. I still think Rob has it, but I am the only one a dermatologist confirmed has it.

Yesterday I started my "treatment" by putting on a rich hand cream then a steroid cream. I was told to be careful with Charlie after I put on the steroid. I was doing my best but Charlie often flails his arms and legs when I change him, whacking his limbs into my hands. I kept thinking I might have touched him with my steroid finger so I'd reached for a wipe and wipe him down just in case. Last night I thought I might have brushed his hand so I reached for a wipe and before I could get to him his hand was in his mouth. Great. Being a new mom creates a whole new level of anxiety and now I have to deal with potentially poisoning my baby. Good news, he is still alive and happy this morning. One day down, millions to go!

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