Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Weekend With The Navones.

Last weekend we spent the weekend at the beach house with the Navones. We drove down late afternoon/early evening and had an early night. Saturday we decided to go to lunch at Aldos on the Santa Cruz harbor. Rob and I hadn't been there since we went with the Evanses. Wow, I can't believe its been 2 years! We like Aldos because they allow dogs and because of the neat view of the boats.

Going anywhere with a baby is stressful. What if he is fussy? What if he has an ass-plosion? I figure the more times we go out with him, the easier it will get. So we pakced up the car and met the Navones at the restaurant.

On the way, I had to hold Buddy on my lap otherwise he will run around the car and try to sit on Rob's lap while he is driving. This would be no big deal if Buddy was a normal dog that just sat and enjoyed the view. I have to hold him with all my might so he doesn't run around. The one saving grace is the window - he looooves having his head out the window.

At one point I look down and notice something on my shirt.

Crap - dog crap. Great.

On our way we pass by Charlie Hong Kong.

My little Charlie Hong Kong.

We finally made it. It was warm so I took off my cardigan and like Rob said "embraced" the stain on my shirt. I'm used to embracing spit up, but embracing dog poop was a new one for me.

When we got back to the house, we relaxed and picked up Chinese take out.

And before we left on Sunday, we had a cousins photo shoot.


Jen said...

Aw, I need my Charlie fix! He's so cute and growing so fast!

Gale said...

How fun! BTW, I LOVE your new blog design backgound. So pretty; So spring; so "Pring?" (ok, that's easier to say that "Sretty!" Right?)

Melissa said...

Maybe I just say that I totally approve of your philosophy on babies and restaurants. For the most part, both of my kids are super good and easy when going out. Some of my friends don't take their kids at all. How are they suppose to learn? Every now and then we will have a horrible outing, but you just can't stop when that happens. Good job!! :-)