Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010 Recap

We went down to Aptos for Easter weekend. Our niece Carla turned 1 on Saturday and her parents had a little party for her. In attendance was us, my sister/brother in law, niece Carla, my in-laws, brother in law's mother, Rob's 2 cousins, Rob's uncle and Carla's nanny/nanny husband.

On Saturday morning, Charlie rolled over AGAIN, TWICE! He hasn't done it since but we're proud of our little monkey.

On Easter, the house was decorated thanks to my sister in law, Kathy.

Charlie's Easter basket.

Charlie also got spoiled by his Mimi and Grampy, Nonni and Grandpa, Mrs. Navone and his cousins Peter/Kevin and Great Uncle Pete. Here are some of his gifts:

Charlie & cousin Carla




sfloyd said...

So cute!! I love all the Easter presents!! Charlie is getting so big!

Dorothy said...

Holy Easter spoils! Go Charlie! I love the pics with Carla and Charlie, she is so tall and cute. Kathy needs to start a blog so we can see more of her cuteness. Looks like you guys had a fun time!

katie said...

Apparently I'm out of the loop. I never got gifts and presents on Easter??? All I got was a basket of candy, I feel ripped off, LOL!

*Bri* said...

You all look great - and wow, Charlie sure cleaned up at Easter!