Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Italian Beef and Polenta Bake

I'm really excited about this recipe. It's a new one I found in the Weight Watcher's Shortcut Cookbook. Why do I love it? 1.) It's good and 2.) It's easy. Bonus: It clears up your sinuses. I will definately be bookmarking this one.

I've been on a polenta kick lately (sloppy joes over polenta, chili over polenta, eggs, yes eggs and polenta, etc.) and the last time I went to the store I saw sundried tomato polenta. Interesting. I didn't buy it. Fast forward a week, I was sitting down at the kitchen table planning out dinners for the month (I know - I'm so on top of it) when I was thumbing through a cookbook and saw Italian Beef and Polenta Bake - totally up my alley. Well wouldn't you know it, it called for sundried tomato polenta! Perfect. I knew just where to get some.

In my Hurricane Alyssa post, I realized if you clicked on the picture of the recipe, you can actually read the whole recipe. So going forward, I'll include a picture with the recipe on it because I'm lazy like that.

P.s. I calculated the points and it was 6 (recipe says 7). If you are a calorie counter like Rob, mine came to 307.

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Dorothy said...

OOO, I like the pictures of the recipes. Now I just have to get as organized as you and plan some meals.