Sunday, March 15, 2009

Got Weed?

Warning: This post is full of so many puns it's not even funny. Get your head out of the gutter, people!

Rob and I were at dinner last night with my in-laws for my mother in law's birthday when somehow I told everyone that I love pulling weeds. I told them I would walk Buddy, see a weed in someone's yard, and REALLY want to pull it but then realized that's kind of strange and embarassing to be walking around with a weed in one hand, and Buddy's leash in another. Kathy, my sister in law, said "you should blog about it!", it meaning my love of weed pulling. I had thought of it before, because it is kind of strange and might make for an interesting post. I mean, if I blogged about other things I loved like "I love cheese" or "I love dessert" or "I love little furry animals" it wouldn't make an interesting post because, well, who doesn't? If you answered "I don't" then please, stop reading my blog. Actually, I take it back.

The first time I pulled weeds was a month or so after we bought our house. We didn't have yard work at the townhouse since HOA paid for it, and my dad did all the dirty work when I was little. So Rob's mom showed me some tips on gardening and I said "I like pulling weeds!" She said "Well, you haven't pulled too many in your life" I guess she meant it will get old at some point. My mother in law is 72 and she still does her yard work. That's a lot of weed pulling!

So anyway, I haven't pulled weeds in a month or so because we've had some rainy weather then I was under the weather for awhile. Yesterday Rob cleaned the pool and came in and said "I pulled a weed for you." I was a little irritated. He KNOWS I like to pull weeds. He said it was behind the retaining wall for the pool and I would have never gone back there. If he only knew the lengths I would go to pull a good weed.

Fast forward to today. I let Buddy out and noticed some weeds in the front of our house. Nothing huge but they were there. I came in, its 5:00 pm by the way, and tell Rob instead of starting the netflix movie, I'm going to pull some weeds for a bit. There were more weeds than normal since like I said I haven't pulled them in awhile but they weren't ginormous or anything. I started walking towards our garage when I noticed the biggest weed. Ever. I had to make a decision: pull or not to pull. It was technically in our neighbor's yard. I went for it!

So I went inside our house and said to Rob "Isn't this the biggest weed you have ever seen!? Look how thick it is!" Warning: the picture below just may be the ugliest picture I have ever taken. The things we do for our blogs...

Click on picture to see how thick it is. Go on. I'll wait.

So Rob said, "the girth is impressive, but you have to see how long mine is."

Wow, that is long!

In the end, we decided I won the "Girth Award". This is a side by side comparison of our weeds.

And Rob's won the "Longest Weed Award". Another side by side comparison.


Dorothy said...

You guys crack me up...I have great news. The un-landscaped backyard in Campbell has a whole lotta weeds for you! hehe

Stefanie K. said...

Your sister in law was right. This was a VERY entertaining blog post. Hilarious! :)

Mamasita said...

Wow - I never realized I was raising a champion weed-puller. Wait'll Dad reads this post...he's going to make you move back home so you can help with the weeding. (oops - I almost wrote "wedding" - duh!) Your pictures were awesome! Hilarious - start getting ready to take over my column - I'd definitely be one of your biggest fans :)