Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday

May 14, 2005 - The Day Rob Popped the Question

Rob and I became "girlfriend boyfriend" on September 7, 2001. I had no desire to get married in the near future and I think Rob liked that about me. This all changed about 2-3 years into the relationship. I think it was the 2004 time frame I started sending him pictures of rings just in case he needed some direction. I would drop random hints here and there to let him know I was ready. I'm a planner and this was obviously out of my hands and it drove me nuts. I told Rob I was going to propose to him.

On New Years Eve 2005 (December 31, 2004), I said "Can I say.....I'll be engaged this year?" Rob just rolled his eyes and grunted. I was such a joy to be around.

One day Rob's mom was telling us about Filoli Gardens. Online it says Filoli is a "country estate with 16 acres of formal gardens, surrounded by 620 acres of wilderness area for guided hikes." His mom said it was spectacular and we should check it out some day. Rob asked me if I wanted to go on Saturday May 14 and I said sure.

So that morning before going to Filoli, we went to our favorite breakfast place, The Original Pancake House in Los Altos.

After breakfast, we were on our way to Filoli. I had looked up Filoli online before we left and online it said you cannot get married at Filoli. In the car I said "Sorry, we can't get married at Filoli! I looked it up online."

When we got to Filoli, we decided to go into their mini movie theatre to see a short film about Filoli. There was a girl sitting in front of us on a bench with her underwear hanging out. I elbowed Rob, pointed and smiled. Yup, he was about to propose to one mature lady!

After the video, Rob said he had to go to the restroom. I found out later he was so nervous, he got a tummy ache.

So we walked around for about 5 minutes until we were in a little garden with no one around. Rob said "Too bad we can't get married here, it's really nice. Maybe we can get engaged here." So I sad sarcastically "Okkk.." As in yeah, right. Then he took the ring box out of his pocket and said "Poo, will you marry me?"


Our first engaged self portrait:

We asked a couple to take a picture of us:

Then we had to make a few phone calls. Rob had asked my dad for his permission but he was to keep it a secret. I'm not sure if my mom was more happy that we were engaged or more mad that my dad kept his promise to not spill the beans! My parents were driving home from Colorado so I had to tell my mom over the phone. Rob's parents were in on the plan. We phoned some friends then decided to leave the gardens. I still want to go back to Filoli and really see the gardens since we were only there for about 5 minutes.

How did your honey propose?


Rob said...

a small correction. after i said "we could get engaged here" alyssa didn't quite get it and said "ok - do you want to come back next week or something?" and i said "no, i was thinking we could do it now.."

love you pooper!!!

Alyssa said...

Oh yeah I did say that! I knew I was forgetting something. Thanks pooper!

Stefanie K. said...

Aww...that's so cute. Isn't it crazy how you know it's coming soooometime, and so it makes it that much more seemingly slooooow?! My poor husband...we'd barely been dating a year when I got the in, I bugged him about it A LOT! haha.

He asked me to go to lunch with him on the Friday before Labor Day weekend. He had a "client meeting" near my work that day. He asked me to take pictures of him pre-lunch for work stuff b/c he was in a tie and stuff for his "client meeting"...I was taking pics and he said, "come here and take a picture with me..." and then as we were doing the self-portrait thing he said, "I want you to remember this moment forever..." and he proposed. I was STUNNED!!! Then I was like, "I can't go back to work!?!?" and he said, "you don't have to!" He had talked to my boss and arranged that I be off from Friday lunch through the Holiday weekend...he took me home where there were roses, champagne, some presents he'd wrapped up (a D&B purse & a scrapbook he'd made of our year including a picture of my ring in the back), and bags to pack for a weekend away at a B&B in Murphys. Second happiest day of my life (now that we're married, of course).

Thanks for sharing your story!! It's so fun to hear about people engagement stories!!

Shannon said...

So cute. I am also glad to know that someone else uses silly names. My mom and brothers refer to eachother and me as poopie or poopie face. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!!! All good things are worth the wait...even if the wait is torture. =)

I actually blogged my engagement story and would love to share it with you.

Dorothy said...

So cute! You know my were there (undercover)! ;.>

woolies said...

ahhhhhhhhh that is sweet.
I berate my husband because he never really proposed.
This was it:
"I was talking to my sister today and told her how much I wanted to marry you"
"Is that a proposal"
"I guess it is"

romantic, huh?????

Mamasita said...

I LOVE your story (yes, heard it before) and Rob's version is the best - you were such a sarcastic little turkey, you're lucky he proposed that day!!! And Rob - can't believe how nervous he must have been carrying that big old rock around Fioli Gardens (I mean the ring, not you, Lys :))(j/k).

Your dad and I had a romantic engagement (not!)...he was buying a house (although it was sort of my idea that he do that rather than pay rent forever) and he was kind of expecting me to move in with him and I said I didn't think I would because I wasn't feeling so great about the living together thing. And he said, "well, I guess we may as well get married then." And we did - about 3 weeks later. Oh, well - the end result was the same :)