Saturday, January 1, 2011

Possibly the Saddest Birthday Ever.

Charlie turned 1 on Wednesday - I am still in shock. Deep breaths...

So around 3:45 am on his birthday, he wakes up (normal) but he wouldn't go back down to sleep (abnormal). I realized his diaper leaked and as I was changing his diaper, I noticed some red splotches on his body. Weird. I later realized he was wearing his new pjs from our friend Jen and thought maybe they were to blame (they were warm and 100% polyester). I figured it was a heat rash or a polyester allergy (don't laugh, I googled it and it exists). After Charlie woke up for good, I called the advice line and they told me to give him some baby benadryl. We did that and it wasn't getting better. I called our Dr. and they said to come in at 3:00 pm. Did I mention this is Charlie's birthday? Poor little guy.

Dr. tells me its probably an allergic reaction to Amoxicillan (not sure how to spell, will call it Amox going forward), the medication he was taking for his ear infection. She said to stop taking the Amox and call if it gets worse.

That night we still had my family, and my sister and her family over to celebrate and I use that term loosely. Charlie was not himself - he was not happy and he was tired.

I don't feel well, mama.
Rob made homemade spaghetti and meatballs and halfway through dinner, Charlie went to bed. We sang him happy birthday while he was upstairs sleeping. We ate his birthday cake and didn't save him any.

He hung out with us via monitor.

Mama, pretending to be happy.

He still hasn't opened up gifts other than the (awesome) unwrapped radio flyer wagon Mimi and Poppy brought over.

The next morning, Thursday, the rash/hives appeared a little worse and the Dr.'s office told me to come in at 11:00. We saw a different Dr. this time because Charlie's Dr. was off. She looked at Charlie, checked his heartrate, temp (102 degrees) and said we need a plan of attack, and  take him to the Emergency Room now. No one, especially no mama, wants to hear that.

So off I went with a sense of urgency and waited an hour before we were seen by anyone. Rob met me at the ER and we were finally released 5 hours after getting there. They pumped Charlie with a bunch of drugs, gave us a prescription for a steroid and told us to go home because they've done all they can. They too think its probably the Amox.

So here we are three days later, keeping our little monkey at home so he can rest up. He's slowly acting more like himself but he gets moody pretty quickly and tired. He still has hives all over his body. Some areas are clearing up but he's still very red and welt-y. We were supposed to have a birthday party today at Rob's parents house with his side of the family but we cancelled it, and we cancelled his "friends" birthday party tomorrow. We're hoping to have birthday celebration do-overs within the next month.

Please think of Charlie and send over some Get Well Soon Vibes if you have any to spare. :)

Charlie in his hospital gown.


Klove said...

Poor were a good mommy and did everything you could to get him better. He'll be better soon and back to his old self. XOXO

Nancy said...

Hi, My sister is having a giveaway on her Hapagirls blog and found you there. I'm sorry to hear that your sweet Charlie isn't feeling good. I hope he is doing better. My older daughter had the same thing happen to her when she was about a year and she was allergic to penicillin. So any cousin to PCN like amoxcillin wasnt good for her. Same thing happend with the fever and splotches everywhere. I thought she had the chicken pox. Got her on a different med and was better. I hope your son gets better - I will be thinking of you.
I'm now a new follower of yours - so please keep us posted! :o) Nancy with