Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm Blaming Pottery Barn Kids.

In 2009, Charlie was ranked 274 in popularity on the Social Security Name Database. is reporting Charlie is in the 64th spot for 2010. Sometime after Charlie was born, Pottery Barn Kids started having the name Charlie in their catalog. I just knew after that it would become more popular after that. They tend to have popular names broadcasted in their catalog. I didn't think Charlie was a popular name but I think its on the rise!

Another bummer (to me) is a few months ago they started using our second choice for a boy name in their catalog. I do not know anyone with the name but I'm thinking things are going to start to change! We probably do not need to think about baby names for awhile but that won't stop me from thinking about it anyway. I've had a "list" of names since high school. Its changed (a lot) over the years.


Klove said...

You're so funny...I feel like nowadays you have to find a name, then spell it backwards to make it original. Xoxo all that matters is that you love it. You knowhow many times I've heard, "we once had a dog named Lucy". xoxo

Alyssa said...

SERIOUSLY - I too have heard of so many dogs named Charlie. I didn't know it was a popular dog's name!

You're right, as long as we love it (and we do), that's all that matters. I'm not hating on the names in PBK, the names in there are in there because they are popular. They are popular because they are super cute names and I love pretty much all of them!

P.s. Lucy was on my "girl" list :)

Gale Hoover Hammond said...

I'm not sure being original - completely original - is necessarily good for the kiddos...look at the weird-o names the celebrities sometimes pick for their kids...I mean, who wants to go through life being called "Moonbeam" or "Apple" - yikes!

What I need to do is quit accidentally calling Charlie "Buddy" and vice-versa :)