Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Which Do You Fancy?

My wallet is dying a slow and painful death. I had bought it at Urban Outfitters oh about 3+ years ago. I got it for when I "go out" but I do not "go out." So for the past year, I've been using the clutch as my wallet. In the past week or so, its slowly coming apart. I'm actually impressed this $20 clutch lasted so long.

So now I need a new wallet, bad. I've been wanting to get a Tory Burch wallet for awhile and found a couple on Nordstroms.com that I dig.

I like this one. I first thought for sure I'd want the pink one but then the brown grew on me, and even the green. I typically don't like that color green but it's growing on me.


Or there is this one that is a bit funky. If I choose this one, I'd get the green/blue one.


If you don't hate these wallets, would you mind telling me which one you like best?

Rob - I know for days I've been asking you to buy me a wallet online with no direction - no request for brands or colors so, if you have already bought one let me know.


PKW said...

I LOVE the funky one. I think it is absolutely fabulous! I am actually shopping for a new wallet right now too! I have my heart set on a Kate Spade one...well I did until I saw this gorgeous one by Coach (which is unusual for me since I usually have an aversion to Coach). Now I am gonna have to check out these ones because I love that funky one so much!!!!

Alyssa said...

I love it too. I tend to lean towards more classic wallets but I'm really liking the funky one. Decisions, decisions! Hopefully some others will weigh in and make my decision easier.

Gale said...

I love the funky one, too. Altho the hot pink in the first version is really pretty, too, I thought. Oh, what the hey...get 'em both. (Just kidding, Rob!) (Totally serious, Lys!)

Katie said...

I know I'm late on this one, but my picks are the funky one too or the blue/green regular one. They both would go nicely with our eyes!

Did you get one, two, any yet?

Alyssa said...

I really liked the funky one but I thought I might get tired of it, so I ended up ordering the fuschia one yesterday. Plus I think the fuschia one would match more things - my purse has a pattern on it (gucci) so I thought it might be too busy with a different patterned wallet. I'm sure it really doesn't matter but long story short: I ordered the pink one. I'm excited though - my wallet has completely fallen apart. Its really embarassing!