Thursday, August 26, 2010

Goodbye Old Phone and Hello Blackberry.

My phone used to work, before this:

Charlie likes to chew on my phone. My phone isn't fancy or delicate so I didn't care. I started to care when I realized he killed my phone. When I answered the phone, it was stuck on mute. I couldn't check voicemail or text messages. I couldn't navigate to my contacts. When I went to type a phone number, it would get stuck on 7's and other signs like 7777777777*****##### and tell me that I'm pressing too many keys (no sh*t!).

I was always anti smart phones. I didn't like the idea of having access to the internet all the time. I have access at home and at work. If I'm not at either of those two places, I'm likely in my car. If I need directions, I can use my navigation. I'm also with Rob a lot who has a smart phone so if we are really in a bind, we can use his phone. I don't think its a bad idea to have a break from technology. Plus I always thought I was so smart by saving us $30 a month on not having a data package. I realize its weird I didn't have a smart phone especially living in silicon valley. Oh and I work for a WIRELESS software company. Granted, I don't do the coding but still. It was time for me to join in on the smart phone fun. I had actually called Verizon a month ago to see if I could upgrade to a smart phone and they said no, not until March so I decided to wait and not pay full retail. I do not want to pay 100's of dollars for a cell phone.

I called Verizon and they told me I could buy a pre-owned phone for about $150. I couldn't buy a new phone because my contract wasn't up until March. After a couple calls to Verizon, I spoke to someone who was able to move up my contract from March 2011 to August 2010 so I was able to get 1.) a brand new phone and 2.) for about $20 (plus tax and accessories). Score! I really like verizon. I've always received good customer service plus you can't beat their reception. I remember when Rob and I started dating, we were in his room and my phone rang and he said "what is that?!" I told him it was my cell phone. I think we went to Verizon that day so he can switch carriers. He never got reception in his room (and its not like he grew up in the boondocks either).
I was out of a phone for 3 days which wasn't fun but it had a happy ending. I now have my blackberry but I have no idea how to use it. It took me forever to figure out how to change the time on it. I like to think of myself as pretty tech savvy but I have a lot to learn about this stuff.

If you have any hints/tricks/etc. send them my way!

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