Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Visit to Nonni & Grandpas.

My mother in law has been feeling under the weather, but luckily, things are looking a little more sunny these days.

We took a trip to my in-laws house for a visit. Nonni and Grandpa had not seen Charlie in a month! Rob and I both felt bad for not visiting sooner. We need to get better about that.

Here we are in Nonni's office. Charlie looks like a lump on a log here but he did quite a bit of exploring.

Charlie's grandpa usually likes to love him from a distance. He talks to Charlie but is not typically one of those types that will just go and pick up your baby. Well I guess a month was too long for this grandpa because he reached down and picked up his grandson - this was a first and surprised us all. Charlie loves his grandpa!

Getting loves from Nonni and Grandpa makes for one sleepy baby.

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