Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Butt is Strep Free

Today I am 37 weeks, 1 day. As of Monday, the baby is full term.

We had our weekly dr.'s appointment today and she said that the cotton swab she touched my bum with last week came back negative, meaning no strep. So that's a good thing!

She checked my cervix again and its still closed. Maybe we'll have some progress at the next appointment.

We've been busy crossing things off our list. I'll admit, Rob probably has done at least 80% of the items that are crossed off, but in my defense, I did do some things not on the list like address and sign Christmas cards. I swear there is more stuff I did that was not on the list but pregnancy brain has got me again.

Here are the other items that have been completed:

2.) Pick up Dresser when it comes in
3.) Pick up Changing Table when it comes in
4.) Wash clothes, blankets, washcloths, all bedding and put away
7.) Interview and decide on a Pediatrician (have some good leads, just need to make appointments with them)
9.) Install car seat
12.) Buy crib mattress (at a specialty store, not babies r us)
16.) Assemble swing
18.) Assemble glider - Rob started but realized it was broken. We need to wait 7-14 business days for it to come in, then assemble.
26.) Complete Christmas shopping
31.) Get a massage (I belong to massage envy and I have about 4 massages that I've already paid for and I want to use them before he comes, then probably cancel my memberhsip)
32.) Buy nursing tank tops
33.) Buy nursing bras
34.) Buy "grandma underwear"
38.) Buy pads (tmi)

Bob weighs 6 1/3 pounds and is a bit over 19 inches long like a stalk of Swiss chard.


Anonymous said...

Damn. I'd almost completely forgotten about that stupid test. Well at least it came back negative.

Hope you are enjoying maternity leave!

Dorothy said...

Congrats on your clean butt!

Katie said...

Ok, I'll ask. What's with the butt swab?...Glad it came back negative :)

Alyssa said...

Here is more info on the butt swab: