Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Happiest Baby on the Block

I believe it was Kathy, Rob's sister, who gave us this book. We got through most of it in Hawaii but never started reading it again once we got back. We both really liked the book and thought the Dr.'s baby calming tricks made sense.

Since Bob is due any day now, we decided to go to the library and rent the movie (our friends Paul and Amy recommended the movie as well). To anyone who has a fussy baby or is pregnant, I'd recommend checking it out. The movie had the basic concepts that were in the book it served as a good refresher course for us. The bonus is we can have the movie for 3 weeks so we're going to hold on to it after Bob gets here in case we need to watch it again.

I wanted to practice swaddling on something other than a baby (and Buddy), so we paused the movie and swaddled Bob's bear. I figured the bear would be more patient with me than Bob will be. Doesn't the bear look happy?

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Ava said...

Ah yes, the 5 s' were big in our house.

For shushing we used a hair-drier (set on the cold setting) for a long time. Nothing else could get loud enough. Man, we sure loved that hair drier.

Good luck! Hope Bob is receptive to those techniques too.