Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making Progress on the List

5.) Pack Alyssa's bag for hospital (I decided against packing a baby bag - I think his stuff will fit in my bag)
6.) Pack Rob's bag for hospital
8.) Get all the wall decor up in the baby's room (can't start until #2 and #3 are done)
10.) Have carseat inspected by fire department or police department to make sure its installed properly (had it inspected by friend’s husband who is a police officer)
11.) Get a good supply of wipes from costco and detergent (from Target)
19.) Make or buy wall letters (I want to put up letters that spell out his name, I think I might try to make them)
24.) Go to Christmas in the Park with friends
28.) At least 1 more date night with Jen and Brad
35.) Get toilet fixed

Pictures from #24 - Christmas in the Park with Maryanne and Brian and Jesslie (Jess and Les). Dorothy and Keith couldn't go because Keith's company's Christmas party was that night. The party was right by Christmas in the Park (the Fairmont) and we were thinking of crashing the party but we luckily didn't have to embarass them and ran into them at the hotel.

*Thanks for the pics, Maryanne!

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