Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not Taking Offense.

I had a flashback today of a conversation I had once with someone who used to work at my company years ago. She was pregnant at the time was telling me you "look different" when you are pregnant depending on if you are having a boy or a girl. I've heard that you can carry the baby differently based on the gender but I haven't heard that the mom looks differently.

She said if you are having a girl, you will look pretty much the same as you do now but if you are having a boy, you will look ugly. Yes, that's what she said. She said your face changes and you don't look like yourself. I wondered if you could look different - but better. Her answer was "no, you don't look better."

Whenever anyone told her they thought she was having a boy, she would take offense. She said "never tell anyone that they are having a boy!"

I've been told more often that people think I'm having a boy than a girl but don't worry, my feelings aren't hurt.

Has anyone else heard of this before?

Me having a girl:

Me having a boy:


Rob said...

how did you morph your picture with chewbacca?

Dorothy said...

Yes, I want to know the same thing as Rob. And, I guess my first guess was must be having a boy, I did not want to say anything but you WERE starting to look like Chewy. Haha!! No I have NEVER heard of that! I think that lady is CRAZY! And, you could NEVER look ugly!

Gale said...
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Gale said...

OMG, take down that ugly picture...oh - here's a thought. Maybe she meant that's what your BABY BOY would look like (No, No, No, JUST KIDDING).

I'm with Dorothy - I have never, never, never heard that before (and I've been around awhile); the person who said that is looney tunes!

July 1, 2009 5:03 PM

melrem said...

My 92 year old grandma says it's the opposite. If you are having a girl you don't look as good (not necessarily ugly) because the girl needs your beauty to get her own??!! My family is filled with a bunch of bs though, we're all Italian!

Katie said...

I agree with Dorothy and your Mom, that lady is a Crazy Lady.

jennamichelle said...

What a big ol crazy lady. I have never heard that before. I think that at some points in your pregnancy, you may look different than "normal", such as developing acne similar to when you were a teenager or swollen facial features ( I think this is only if you have gained a ton of weight or are retaining a lot of water and are near the end of your pregnancy). Some people look different day to day & they are not even pregnant! I think your co worker is very strange to jump to a conclusion that is definitely not based on facts...and you are not ugly at all. Nor will you be ugly if you are carrying a boy! Pregnant women are beautiful! Even in what you consider your worst moments, those around you are going to see your "glow" & beauty. That is a gorgeous picture of you by the way. The Chewbacca one's pretty sexy as well. haha.