Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've heard you become more clumsy when you are pregnant and I'm having one of those days. Before I told work I was pregnant, I accidentally spilled my co-workers coffee all over her desk. I wanted to tell her "I'm sorry - I'm clumsy because I'm pregnant!" but I couldn't tell her yet. I'm happy I can now use my excuse!

My clumsiness started today in my work's parking lot. I dropped my iced decaf latte and the cup broke. I left a nice latte puddle on the parking lot for someone to step in. I'm sure they will appreciate that. Then when I was in the office, I somehow made half of my uncooked oatmeal and water mixture spill onto the floor by the microwave. And finally, around 11:00, I spilled my hot chocolate on my desk and keyboard.

The one good thing that got out of the latest spill was a brand new keyboard from my IT department. I think next time I'll spill something on my laptop.....


Dorothy said...

Next time a new laptop would be nice. hehe You are funny, sounds like you had a rough day...hope it got better.

Gale said...

Glad you didn't pour your water bottle all over my lap last night :)