Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've heard the first movements, called Quickening, can be described as "flutters", "feeling of butterfly wings" and "bubbles." I had a couple feelings like this yesterday but it was only at the time that I was starving so it might have just been my stomach growling. I guess its easier to feel the movement when you are still so at night I try to see if I can feel something when lying in bed but I'm usually asleep in a couple minutes. So I'm not absolutely sure, but I might have felt the first movements yesterday.


Dorothy said...

So cute...I hope it was baby Wagner!

Jen said...

I bet the baby was moving all around because he or she wanted food! How cute...just wait, soon enough you'll feel like you have a little alien in your tummy :-)

Gale said...

Wow - I haven't checked your blog in a couple of days - yipee - sounds like "flutter" to me and Baby Wagner making his/her presence known - speaking of "his/her" - just a few more hours we should know the gender - let the "Name Game" begin!!