Thursday, July 9, 2009

Baby Update

Rob and I had a dr.'s appointment on Wednesday and it went well.

My blood work all came back good (immune to German measles, thyroid was good, iron levels were good, etc.). Odds of baby having Downs is 1 in 10,000 (she said this was good). She measured my uterus/tummy and said "you're definitely growing." I asked her if there was any way I'm carrying twins and she said no. :) We heard the heartbeat again and the dr. said the baby was moving around a lot. I'm up 3lbs since the last appointment, 5 total. They said that was normal. I might not share weight info later if I'm gaining a lot. :)

I also found out it's ok to indulge in hollandaise sauce every once in a while. I LOVE eggs benedict but heard the sauce has raw eggs in it and you should avoid it when pregnant. I actually haven't had it since I was about 4 weeks along but something tells me I'll be having it more often. I get together with friends once a month for breakfast, and now Rob and I go to breakfast after each appointment. I'll definately be having at eggs benedict least once a month.

We'll be back to the dr.'s in 2.5 weeks to find out the gender!

This week, baby is the size of an apple.


Dorothy said...

Let go of the weight are prego! Enjoy your baby growing! You are always a healthy eater you will be fine!!!

Dorothy said...

And...YAY for healthy baby Wagner!!

Alyssa said...

Correction: I WAS a healthy eater. :)

Thanks Dorothy :)

Jen said...

I guess you'll be having eggs benedict on Sunday? Yummy! I can't wait to hear the news...boy or girl???

Gale said...

Time to learn "boy or girl" is getting close! Do you still think boy?? (are ya going to blog about the anchor? I am still chuckling about that one!)

Jaime said...

Alyssa I came across your blog and find it very entertaining!
May i ask where you find the pictures of the fruit/veggie next to a quarter to show the size of your baby?
I'm making a surprise blog for my family with updates so when we tell tham at 12 weeks they can see what has been happening!
TIA :)

Alyssa said...

Hi Jaime! Those images are from Here is the direct URL: