Monday, September 29, 2008


Sunday morning Rob and I went down for breakfast at this outdoor buffet place at the restaurant. We have free breakfast vouchers so we figured we would save money by going down there rather than having room service where the menu is the same and quantities are smaller. They seated us on the outer parimeter where we had a view of the koi pond similar to last night's dinner. After breakfast, Rob worked out and I went down to the spa for a massage. I was told to get there at 8:00 (massage started at 8:30). After the tour of the facility, I spent probaby 10-15 mins in the steam room. I then went to the locker room showers and took a shower in their really cool showers. Each individual shower's back wall was this black rock with flowers and plants cascading down. It felt like you were taking a shower under a waterfall. After the shower, I had my massage which was really good. The only part that was kind of weird was the blanket was a little slippery so the lady had to keep pulling it up after each time I mooned her. Other than that it was great! I think taking pictures in the spa facilities is frowned upon so you will just have to use your imagination.

The six of us had a driver pick us up around 11:00 to do some sight seeing. I get a little ADD on tours like this so I'll just tell you what we saw but I can't totally tell you the history.

First we went to the Russian Fort where the Russians had a fort. :)

Next stop was the Waimea Canyon Lookout. We actually went to 2 lookouts (that was stop #3). The views were really pretty.

We were getting hungry and the tour guide (aka) Justin Timberlake in his early years:

told us about this great place that serves "local food". We ended up here:

I was kind of thinking some pork dishes or something but to be honest, I think I would have liked this place better than what I thought we were going to eat.

We then went to see the "spouting horn" which is a lava formation where as the lava hit the water, it cooled and created channel so now when water hits it, it shoots up like a geyser and makes a horn sound.

We attempted to see something else (can't remember what) but it was too foggy.

After the sight seeing, we came back to the hotel and relaxed. For dinner, we went to the "Beach House" down the street where they have amazing sunsets. We agreed the food was pretty good but the sunset was better.

One more full day in Kauai and we are off to Oahu!

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Mamsita said...

Gorgeous sunsets; next time the "mooning" incident in the massage room would be an interesting addition to your blog. Fun day, sounds like!