Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary Pooper

This past weekend we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by spending the weekend at the beach house in Aptos. A few months back, our friends Maryanne and Brian let us come with them to go cake tasting for their then upcoming wedding. After Rob and I went on and on (and on) about how much we loved our wedding cake they humored us and made an appointment and we tagged along. While we were there (http://www.justcake.com/) Marina, the cake lady, said to us "You didn't order your complimentary anniversary cake last year did you?" At that point you could hear a pin drop - Rob and I looked at each other, confused. "Anniversary cake?" we asked in unison. "Yes", said Marina "you are to receive a complimentary anniversary cake on your 1 year anniversary, just tell me what flavor you like and when you want to pick it up." We liked our cake so much we had numerous conversations on what event would warrant buying a $600 (minimum) order of cake from this woman. We discussed my 30th birthday, our future children's birthday, kwanzaa - whatever! With this brilliant news we decided to save it for our 2 year anniversary and I'm glad we did. For our wedding we had 2 flavors. Sorry - I didn't mean for so much of this post to be about cake. Did I mention how good it is? Anyway, yes, two flavors. We had red velvet cake and mint cookies and cream. Well, at the tasting, she had peanut butter in chocolate! I think I like the red velvet a smidge better than the peanut butter and chocolate but Rob wanted the PB&C so we went with that. I have no regrets - with Rob or the cake flavor. Oh and another thing - I totally expected this to be 2 maybe 4 servings. Nope, we have calculated that it should be roughly 10 servings! We picked up the cake Saturday morning and we think we have 2 servings left. Oy.

Introducing...our anniversary cake:

So we drove down to Aptos on Saturday morning and picked up the cake at 10:00 am at Just Cake in Capitola. We went next door and got breakfast to go from Gayle's (http://www.gaylesbakery.com/). If you are ever in Capitola, please go to this place. Everything is so yummy. We went to the house had our late breakfast then watched our wedding video. We hadn't seen it in at least a year and it was really nice to watch it. Even a few tears were shed. Awwwww...Then we took Buddy for a walk on the beach where he met some friends.

Later that night we got food to go from some place that proclaims they have the best burgers in the world. Rob and I thought they were good but we also thought they thought a bit too highly of themselves. That night we took another stroll on the beach and watched "Over Her Dead Body" that we had on netflix. I wasn't expecting much from this movie but it was actually really funny!

We left on Sunday around 3:00 to go home. A bit before we left, I noticed a couple on the beach having their wedding photos taken. They got married at the Seascape Resort. Ok, I don't know that but thats the little story I made up in my head. It was neat to see them on the beach and know in 2 years they will be celebrating their 2 year anniversary around the same time we did.

Since today is our official annivesary, we are going to dinner at Maurizio's in Morgan Hill and give each other some cotton presents.


Meghan said...

mmmmm.... cake. :)

Happy Anniversary!

DOROTHY said...

Did you get him cotton balls???

Rob said...

my balls are in a jar on a shelf...such is the life of a married man.

happy anniversary poo-butt! I love you!

Heather said...

That is so awesome that you got an anniversary cake!! Sounds like you had a great time!

Happy Anniversary!