Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Child's first words: Hi Mom

Our house is two doors down from the neighborhood park and Buddy and I always start in that direction on our nightly walks because there is a large quantity of grass. I prefer when he goes on the grass in the park to when he proceeds to hunch on our neighbors lawn, forcing me to pick him up (while he is mid-hunch) and place him on the sidewalk to finish.

A few nights ago, Buddy and I are in the park and I hear a little voice.

"Hi Mom!" -child

I look around and there are 2 kids and a dad.

"Hi Mommmm!"-child

Ok, this is awkward. I can't say "yes". Do I say "No?". To be honest, it was kind of fun being called "mom". I wondered how long this could go on for....Buddy is meanwhile sniffing around for the perfect spot to do his deed.

"Thats not mom! Who is that?" -child

"Why don't you ask her?" -dad
So the family of three started walking my way but once they saw Buddy they didn't care who I was anymore and just wanted to srunch up his face with their little hands.

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