Saturday, September 27, 2008


The day has finally come: we are in Hawaii! We flew out of SFO at 9:30 PST and had a direct flight to Kaua'i. We are missing Buddy a lot and Rob said it best this morning "the worst thing about traveling is we have to leave Buddy." We miss you Buddy but know you are in good hands!

This picture doesn't have to do with anything, but I liked it (from the SFO airport).

We waited a bit in the aiport after we landed to wait for Kathy and Michael because they were landing an hour after us.

While waiting, I noticed a man wearing short shorts and it reminded me of a game Rob and I played when we were on our honeymoon in Europe. It was called: find a man wearing super short shorts and take a picture of him. We started this game a little late on our trip so we only have 2 pictures - one of a man in Rome at the Colesseum and one of a man outside a museum in Athens. Anywho, here is "that guy" from our Hawaii trip:

The shorts don't look THAT bad in the photo, but they are a bit too short donchathink?

As we were walking to the rental car place, I noticed this awesome sign. Caution: Jazz Hands! It's awesome. Thanks to this sign, I now know I'm not the only one who has the desire to throw up my jazz hands the moment I feel my feet slipping on pavement - and that makes me feel good inside.

At last, we made it to the Grand Hyatt. Oooh la la is this place nice! As soon as you walk "in" you realize the lobby is kind-a sort of outside. Just look at the ocean view from the lobby.

Tonight we had dinner at Tidepools which is a restaurant at our hotel. The restaurant is a bunch of Hawaiian thatched roof huts set on a koi pond and surrounded by waterfalls (I stole that description off the brochure, can't you tell?).

On the way back from dinner, I found this sign (what is up with these crazy Hawaiian signs?!) I heart them.

I'm about to retire for the night when I got a note from our friends and Buddy watchers. These pictures of Buddy and his girlfriend Hannah were too cute not to post.

I'm exhausted - good night!

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Mamasita said...

Aloha, Alyssa. I love your first pictures - jazz hands and slipper floor are great. And yes, it's interesting about the short-shorts on vacationers. But I've seen worse. On St. Maartin's (the French side)there was a 60-something guy in a Speedo, which was mostly non-existant due to his big pot belly. The thong up the back defied description. I should have gotten two points for that one. As my friend Deborah said - "WHAT was he THINKING???"
Thanks for the update - Dad and Buddy are hanging out tonite - I think Hannah wore him out (Buddy, not Dad) Tell everybody hi!