Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Win Stuff.

Ever enter one of those online blog giveaways? I do, and I've been pretty lucky a it! I don't enter them all the time but I follow a few blogs that have giveaways regularly. Here is what I've won, in order:

1.) Baby Beanie - I wasn't even pregnant at the time so I didn't know if I should get a girl beanie or boy beanie. Of course the girl ones were cuter so I got a girl one. Its chocolate brown with a pink flower on it, its very cute. Charlie's younger sister is going to love it.

2.) Earrings

3.) Shirt

4.) Ring with matching bracelet

and a few days ago..

5.) a bowtie for my little man

Because I am "putting it out there" I'll probably never win another blog giveaway.

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