Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Freaking Love You.

As I mentioned in a prior post, Charlie has been under the weather. I stayed home with him Mon-Wed of this week (technically I have every Wednesday off) because he was just not himself. I noticed when we were out and about, he was happier. I'm thinking it was the distraction that he liked.

On Wednesday I decided to go to the mall because I thought he'd have fun exploring. He forgot he was feeling crummy when there were things to be picked up off random floors and plants to be tugged on. I didn't realize how many big potted plants the mall had until Charlie decided to touch each and every one of them. He'd run to one, hug it, then run to another one. And so on.

I went to Borders while at the mall because Charlie got a gift card for his birthday and the store is closing. There were barely any books and really, not too many deals except for the $1 wall calendars but Charlie doesn't need a calendar. I got him 3 books with his $40 gift card (not a great deal, right?). As I walked away looking at the receipt I noticed a book title that I didn't recognize. It was called "La Arana Muy Ocupada." Clearly there was a mistake.

So maybe Charlie will be speaking Spanish before he speaks English. Since they are closing shop, there were no returns to be had.

After running around the mall for a bit, I saw a photo booth and thought it would be fun to take pictures. The photo booths these days are pretty high tech. I remember when the biggest decision when taking photo booth pictures was if you wanted to have a red curtain in the background or a blue curtain. They now take credit cards (well they have to now that they charge $3!). They also have categories like Love, Friendship, etc. I stuck with Love, naturally. The first love subcategory was called "I Freaking Love You." Ummm, no thanks. I think that subcategory would be perfect for jr. high school sweethearts but not myself and my baby love. Well I couldn't figure out how to switch the subcategory and Charlie was starting to get moody so I Freaking Love You it was.

The second picture is my personal favorite. I looke half stoned and half possessed. I also love how Charlie is curling up his lip like a little mean puppy in the third picture.

I swear Charlie was actually happy and laughing at the mall but I guess he was in no mood to take pictures.

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Gale Hoover Hammond said...

Those are some great pictures of my freaking favorite mother-and-son couples. Charlie (looking like a growling dog) also looks a little like he's rocking the Elvis sneer. Hmmm...worked for Elvis! BTW, those pics were 25 cents when I was "young" and black and white only. Not a lot of choice there.

Meanwhile, I am studying up my Spanglish so I can read the new spider, I mean araƱa, book :)