Saturday, October 2, 2010

Before & After: Downstairs Guest Bedroom & Guest Bathroom.

I had posted about our house drama a couple weeks ago. The crew demo'd and restored the rooms but there was one small problem. They considered our paint job "custom". Call it what you like but it was ugly. The prior owners went a little sponge paint happy. You can check out the blue and cream sponge paint job and yellow and white sponge paint job here.

Well, since they were not able to replicate the beauty that was our sponge painted walls, they HAD to re-paint them and we go to choose the colors. We were actually going to hire someone to do some interior painting for us so this saved us a few hundred dollars however, in the end our homeowners insurance premium did increase (I think?) so its not a total win win situation.

I love how the rooms turned out. We did a very light green in the bedroom and darker green in the bathroom. We also got a new bedspread and shams from Target.

Stay tuned for more before and after pics!

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