Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sick Baby.

Rob took Charlie to the doctor yesterday because he has had a hearty cough for a few days. They said its normal teething stuff and he also has a double ear infection but no fever. We got a prescription and will bring him back in 10 days. We actually already had an appointment that day for his 9-month checkup so I guess we'll kill two birds with one stone. They did weigh him and he is a little over 20 lbs!

The one good thing with him being sick is he has been sleeping longer at night. Last night, instead of sleeping for 10 hours, he slept for 12 hours (can I get an amen?). The prior two nights he slept for 11.5 hours. I hear him coughing at night but he's not waking up. He's also been sleeping longer during naps.

Charlie is still in good spirits but I hope he feels better soon!