Thursday, October 28, 2010

That's Random.

I know I watch too many Dateline shows. Rob hates the show. Actually, he hates the narrator, the one that is overly dramatic but I like it. I feel like a kid sitting around a campfire listening to a spooky story. The guy is scary himself, I think he just turned 109 but don’t quote me on that.

When something doesn’t go as planned or things take longer than normal, I automatically assume the worst. I remember when I was little, sitting in the car waiting for my mom in the grocery store and thinking, “well, I guess a murderer went into the store and killed everyone, including my mom” because she was taking a long time. Or if Rob tells me he’ll be home in an hour and its an hour and a half later I assume he’s been in a car accident and think about how Charlie and I will get along without him. Do I know about all of our bank accounts? Do I need to call his company to inquire about his life insurance benefits? Will we lose that house? I have a wild/negative imagination at times.

So last night while I was feeding Charlie in his room before bed, Rob opens the bedroom door and is holding a cat. Note, we do not have a cat. Apparently when Rob opened the front door to let a visitor out, the cat thought our home was his. Luckily it had a collar on and Rob called the owner. This is where things get interesting…

So the owner is not home and will ask a neighbor to come to our house to get the cat. Minutes later, owner calls Rob to tell him she cannot get in touch with the neighbor so to please bring the cat to her house. She gave Rob the address and told him the side door to the garage was open and to let himself into the garage. Oh and the door from the garage to the house is open too, so please let yourself in to the house. Then, walk to the back of the house, let the cat in the backyard and close (not lock), close the door from the house to the backyard. Apparently they leave a door wide open?! So Rob does this and reports back to me.

Hello……am I the only one that is freaked out that Rob actually was ok with this plan? He agreed he thought it was odd that she wanted him to roam around her house but if I were him, I would have not set foot in there. I’d probably open the door to the garage, fling the cat in there and flee.

What if there was a murderer in the house, waiting for him so he can rob him and kill him? This didn’t enter Rob’s mind because he does not watch enough Dateline.

I heart Dateline but I do not want any of my friends or loved ones to have a debut on the show.


Katie said...

Um, totally agree. What a weird story and don't know about you, but I 1. don't leave all my doors unlocked and 2. wouldn't call and tell a stranger I've never met to come on over to drop my cat off and go into my house.
People are strange.
Not only could they have been a serial killer, but how did they know Rob wasn't some creepy guy that was going to hang out in their house and wait for them to come home and murder them, etc. BTW- I too love Dateline, can't get enough of it, but I miss Stone Philips :(
And I thought that I had a vivid imagination; yours is bordering morbid!

Dorothy said...

Lmao. Alyssa stop watching dateline.

Rob said...

let's clarify something here. When i called the owner of the cat, I told her who I was and where I found her cat. She asked me for my address and I gave it to her.

I knew it was someone in the hood because a little girl came around a week or two ago asking about the same damn cat.

It would be a complete long shot for someone to let a cat loose, wait for someone else to find it and even want to return it, just as a plot to kill someone. even then, there's no guarantee that I'd have any money on me, it's not like she asked me to bring my wallet for id purposes or something.

plus she told me where here house was. how would she know that i didn't tell my wife where i was going (since i told her i couldn't keep the cat inside because our dog was barking at it and my wife was putting our son to bed).

there's too many gotchas for anything criminal to be afoot.

Gale Hoover Hammond said...

Ohhhh WOW, Alyssa, you are SO your mama's daughter! So - I love Dateline, too, and Keith Morrison (I think that's his name) is even more hilarios when the guy on SNL impersonates him. It is drop-dead funny and he SO nails him. Katie - I miss Stone, too...he was soooo hot. Um, excuse me, forget I said that because as a mother I am not supposed to notice such things. Rob - HA! You apparently have not watched "Criminal Intent" or you would SO realize that Alyssa's story was right on. :)

Ashley said...

I don't watch Dateline, but I'm so that way... drives Jim completely bonkers!!