Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skinny Jeans & The 30 Day Shred

One of the big milestones after having a baby, for mom, is fitting into their pre-pregnancy jeans. Does this mean fitting into ANY pair of jeans, or your skinny jeans? Does it mean you can zip and button them, but you have a muffin top? If so, I have fit into my pre-pregnancy for weeks now. They don't fit as good as before, but I fit in them! The maternity jeans are too big but my non-maternity jeans are a bit snug. I have been wearing mostly yoga pants and pj bottoms since Charlie arrived but now that I'm out and about more, I want to look a bit more presentable.

In the very early weeks, I could care less what I looked like. My #1 priority was Charlie. He still is but I feel like taking little steps to lose the rest of this weight is a little more manageable. The plan was for me to start up personal training again but I don't think I can committ to that at this point plus getting there on time. Rob and I are typically 30-40 mins late for everything - whether or not Charlie is with us.

So for now, I'm going to do baby steps with a workout dvd. I'm going to start with the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels because 1.) its only 20 mins a day and 2.) it got great reviews.

While I'm doing the workout, its not easy for me because I haven't worked out in about a year but I'm not really sore the next day so I'm not sure how good of a workout I am getting. Plus, its only 20 mins. I think the reason people are successful at it is because its easy to commit to. Last night I did it at 8:45 pm - I was tired, wanting to go to bed but it was only 20 mins and since its only 20 mins, my goal is to not slack and do it every day. No matter what. I am not totally committed to eating weight watcher style. I'll do my best to not get quick things like fast food but I also am not going to starve myself. I'll do that later. :) I'm worried about doing too much because I don't want to decrease my milk supply.

I started the dvd on 3/20. As of 3/20, I was down 27 lbs and have 22.50 lbs to go to get to my pre-pregnancy and cabo san lucas weight. Wish me luck!


Melissa said...

I know Stacey London and Clinton Kelly would disagree with me, but I think if it buttons, it fits, even if you look ridiculous. Good luck! It really does suck trying to balance eating, working out and baby. Not enough hours in the day!

Dorothy said...

Fun times! I might go get it since you like it so much. Does it come with an eating guide? Where did you get it?

Alyssa said...

Dorothy, I wouldn't say I like it a lot. ;) But to answer your question, it does not come with an eating guide but I know someone who used her diet (maybe its online?). I got the dvd at Target. You should get it and keep it for days when you don't feel like going to the gym or taking a walk - its only 20 mins, you can do it! P.s. Let me know if you want to walk the trail by my house after work sometime

Gale said...

You're over halfway to your pre-pregnancy weight - what a great start and Charlie is only 12 weeks old. In comparison, I still haven't lost the baby weight I gained when you were born :)

BTW, I bought Jillian's "Master Your Metabolism" book...I just started it, but will let you know if I pick up any gems.

Katie said...

You can do it! Like your Mom said you're already more than half way there and if you can fit into your pre-preggers clothes that's half the battle. I don't think that you'll have any problem losing the rest. And don't starve yourself ever, it RUINS your metabolism. You know what to do- you've got this, hands down!