Monday, March 15, 2010

Dorothy's Gift

My little baby, just chilling.

Wait...look a little closer...what is that?

Let me try to explain. Awhile ago, Dorothy made fun of Rob's wrist bands (he wears them when he plays guitar - I think they are sweat bands). So Dorothy was on a mission to find baby wrist bands. Out of the blue, with no note, baby wrist bands arrived in the mail. We knew exactly who was behind this.

Isn't he cute?

Thanks Dorothy!


Dorothy said...

Those are some chillin' wrist bands!

Gale said...

wow - all ready for his workout with Daddy at the gym!!!

Melissa said...

I wonder where she found them. She asked me a long time ago if I knew where to get baby wrist bands. Um, no was my answer and good luck finding them! Too cute!

Alyssa said...

Melissa, I'm pretty sure she found them on ebay.

Rob said...

just to clarify this - the wrist bands are for playing guitar. When playing, it's common to rest your picking arm on the body of the guitar. when it's warm, as it often is in the office where my "mini studio" is set up, my arm rubbing against the guitar starts to sweat. This leads to both chafing on my arm and potential damage to the lacquer/paint on the guitar. if it gets really hot, sweat can run down into the electronics and short them out. so, to prevent all this damage, i wear a sweatband on my picking arm. blpht!!!