Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maternity Leave - The Real Deal

So my maternity leave hasn't exactly been like this.

I have watched Oprah (usually in 20-30 minute intervals when I feed Charlie). I do have (decaf) coffee every morning. I also think my baby is "perfect" and rarely cries, I am lucky there. I have yet to go out to lunch with friends, but I have gone out to breakfast and dinner. I haven't taken Charlie to Santana Row for shopping, but we have been to Target (many times), the Outlets, Safeway, Wal Mart and Costco. Everywhere is between a 1 - 15 mile radius of home, just in case. Rob has prepared me dinner a few times. He's on a strict diet and well, I'm not.

This week we have been having GREAT weather and I had a great day yesterday. The sun was shining, I did a little shopping (thats probably not a good thing, right Rob?) and I decided to take another walk with Buddy and Charlie (Rob has been in training all week). I felt like this is what maternity leave should be like for everyone, every day.

A walk with beautiful weather

and a just groomed puppy

and sweet, sleepy baby

and a Starbucks

Oh if it were that perfect. In reality, the weather and baby were wonderful but the iced dark cherry mocha? Not as good as the warm version. And that just groomed puppy? He insisted on rolling around in the grass, the same grass said puppy pees and poops along with all the other neighborhood animals. Oh, and that puppy...he was also very constipated and didn't want to walk so I took his butt home and just walked with Charlie. He wasn't going to ruin my moment!

My days have been filled with more poop, golden showers and breastfeeding than I ever thought was possible. I told my mom when Charlie was just born that I was going to run away with Buddy. I knew Buddy loved me and he was so easy compared to Charlie. I was convinced Charlie didn't like me. But, now my little guy is smiley and coos at me - I now think he digs his mama and I know its going to be really hard leaving him when I go back to work in two months.

All in all, my maternity leave is going well - not totally what I dreamed about (prior post) but pretty darn good.


Melissa said...

I took Luke for a walk this morning and the weather was perfect. I was thinking, if the weather stayed like this 365 days a year I would be the best mom and wife on earth! :-)

Gale said...

Nothing like beautiful spring weather to give you a new lease on life! I think all babies should be born in the spring...those dark dreary days and the terror-filled first days of being a mom - yikes! It's not for the faint of heart :)