Monday, March 29, 2010

3 Months!

Charlie is 3 months old today. It seems like forever ago that I was childless but it seems like he has been here for so long. I'm happy to have graduated out of the first three months of which they say is the hardest. Charlie is a very good baby and good sleeper but the first couple months were rough. Right now Charlie loves to smile, sleep, eat, swat at toys, talk to the hanging animals on his bouncy chairs and sleeping in the car. Charlie is getting better at tummy time but it is still something he doesn't like to do for too long. Charlie doesn't like when we are in the car and we have to stop at red lights. He also doesn't like being in his car seat longer than he needs to be. He's sleeping 9-12 hours at night but we haven't set up a firm nap schedule yet. I need to work on that! We are very lucky to have such a happy baby (95% of the time).

On his 3 month birthday, we got his picture taken at The Picture People. Here are some of our favorites...

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Gale said...

That serious shot just slays me! I think it's his "James Dean" the bad boy, collar turned up in back, a little wisp of hair curling down over his forehead. Little lady killer, that one!!