Friday, February 5, 2010

How We Go Green

You hear about all the diapers in the landfills but who wants to use cloth diapers?! We have a solution: wash them. That's right - they hold up pretty well in the washer and dryer. They do seperate into two pieces though so just glue together and you're good.

The other day Rob found a baby wipe in his clean laundry and today I found a diaper in Charlie's clean laundry. Looks like I'll be doing more laundry - joy!


Dorothy said...

You are so earth friendly.

*Bri* said...

You know, since you are already washing diapers, you could go cloth. It is very easy and they don't fall apart in the wash. ;)

Gale said...

Glad you're leaving a better world for Charlie to inherit (??????)