Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Outing with Just Charlie: Check!

I've been wanting to go out with Charlie on an outing, just the two of us, but one thing was standing in my way: fear.

What if he has an ass-plosion? What if 20 diapers and 6 outfits isn't enough?! Rob is heading out on a business trip soon and having this milestone under my belt was going to make me feel a lot better. What better place to go than Babies R Us? If I need more diapers, wipes, outfits, whatever, they'll have it.

I chose a day that was raining cats and dogs. Things started off great, he slept the whole time in the car until I pulled into the parking lot. I turned off the car and sat there, semi paralized while he cried REALLY thinking I was going to turn the car back on and drive home. A minute later he stopped and I decided I'm gonna do this. Then I saw a woman put a car seat in the stroller and realized I don't know how to do that! So I called my sister Ashley and she told me how to do it, not very difficult but I'm glad she walked me through it. While talking to her Charlie started crying again. She assured me once I get him out and about, he'll stop crying.

I got out of the car and into the rain and pulled his car seat out along with my huge diaper bag. I lifted the carseat off the ground and was trying to get it into the cart when an employee said "Oh, the seat won't snap into the cart. I'm not sure what they were thinking but the safest way to have him in his seat is to put him in the basket." I'm so glad she was there. I probably would have just left to go home. All in all it was a success. When I got inside, he fussed a little but quickly stopped and fell asleep. I even was able to browse through the kids clothes and bought Charlie a couple very cute summer outfits. I look forward to future outings with my little guy.


Jenny said...

I ventured out one with my LO and I was nervous the entire time. I went to Post office and Library and straight home as she was asleep the whole time and I didn't want to risk any further trip. Glad Charlie had a good outing.

Dorothy said...

You are a Pro...I had no doubts you would have a great time!

Gale said...

Your blog reminded me that my very first outing with Ashley was to the baby store, too. I wanted to pick up all those mommy "vibes" like maybe I'd learn something that I'd been missing :) First outing with you was when I almost left you at the shoe store - and fortunately your sister realized we'd left you at the counter!!!!! Hmm..I think I just got my next blog idea here.....

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