Friday, February 12, 2010

Sleeping through the Night?

On Tuesday, my Dr. cleared me to take baths. I couldn't take baths not because of my incision but because my cervix was still open. So on Tuesday night I finally took a bath and brought one of my baby books with me that I was behind on.

In the book it says babies may fuss at night when they complete their REM cycle which occurs about every 3 hours. Charlie did make a little noise (but no crying) about every 3 hours so I would bring him to the nursery to feed him, assuming he was stirring because he was hungry. The book said to feed when he cries not just when he makes noise.

So Tuesday night I decided to try it. I fed him at 10:30 pm and didn't feed him until 5:30 am! I could have probably let him go longer but I was worried he was starving. Then last night I fed him at 9:30 pm and he didn't start getting fussy and crying until 7:00 am! I hope this trend continues!


Katie said...

I hope that baby McClure is that good for me!!

Dorothy said...

Sleep while you can!!!