Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Child is a Genius

I think we are going to be "those parents" who think their kid is a genius. If we aren't their biggest cheerleader, then who will be?

The other day, I was saying goodbye to our friend Maryanne when Charlie was sucking on his pacifier. He had his hand on the pacifier handle, took the pacifier out of his mouth, then put it back in. He was 11 days old people!

Then tonight, I took Buddy out to go potty and Rob was watching Charlie and he did it again! We know it was unintentional but it was still kind of funny seeing this little guy put the pacifier back in his mouth. Now if only he could help me fold his laundry...


Gale said...

Oh, definitely genius-like behavior! Love it :) EXCEPT - if he turns out to be a genius, he will surpass 'Mimi' in brain power in about, oh...3 more days. Yikes!

Dorothy said...

Well, I can see where he gets it!