Friday, January 8, 2010

First Dr.'s Appointment

We had our first Dr.'s appointment today for Charlie. We had a list of questions about breastfeeding, poop, pee, etc. We were also very interested to see how much he weighed.

By their two week appointment, they like babies to be at or above their birth weight. Breastfeeding has been going pretty well but Charlie keeps spitting up a ton of milk when I feed him. I have a feeling he is overindulging but I was worried after each feeding, he didn't get any food because it all ended up on his outfit. Charlie was 7 lb 11 oz when he was born. On day 2, he was 7 lb 4 oz. On day 3, he gained weight and was up to 7 lb 6 oz. On day 4 he was the same. He isn't quite two weeks yet, but here are his current stats:

Weight: 7 lbs 14.5 oz (yeah!!!) - 25th percentile
Height: 19.75 inches (he was 19 inches at birth) - 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 14.5 inches - 50th percentile

Other update: Charlie has a blocked tear duct. We got prescription eye drops because it seems to have become infected so hopefully it will clear up soon.

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Melissa said...

Oh, Dylan had a blocked tear duct, too. Totally forgot about it, until now! Make sure to lightly rub the corner of his eye. We had to use the drops, but I remember it being more of a ointment. Doug and I were freaks trying to put it on him. Dylan's tear duct was blocked for awhile, a few months, but then went away on it's on.