Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy 4 Week Birthday, Charlie!

Today (1/26) was a big day for Charlie. Today is his 4 week birthday, we went to Redwood City to visit my coworkers then stopped at Nonni and Grandpa Wagners home. It was also a big day for me - it was my longest outing since Charlie was born. I should be giving Charlie a present, but he gave me a great gift last night: he was a such a good baby. After each feeding, he went down without a fuss. He usually goes down well at 1 of the feedings but the others aren't always so successful. Last night was one of the best nights I've had since we've been home.

I wanted to take a picture of Charlie on his four week birthday but it didn't work out how I imagined it would:

I asked for Rob to take a picture with me holding him but we still couldn't get our acts together....

Charlie not looking at the camera

Telling Charlie to look at the camera

Telling Charlie to look at the camera - with my eyes closed

"Hey..what's that over there?" -Charlie

"Is that dinner I smell?" -Charlie

I give up - Happy Birthday, Charlie!


Melissa said...

Wait until he's four and he still won't look at the camera and smile at the same time!! Happy 4 weeks!!

Gale said...

Oh, good heavens, you must have given Charlie his Happy Birthday spanking before taking the first picture:)

Dorothy said...

I love this photo shoot! He is such a diva.