Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our To-Do List

I kept thinking of things we need to do before Bob arrives and decided to write it down. So far, we hae 39 things to do. Good thing I'm officially on maternity leave. Here is our list:

1.) Assemble Crib
2.) Pick up Dresser when it comes in
3.) Pick up Changing Table when it comes in
4.) Wash clothes, blankets, washcloths, all bedding and put away
5.) Pack Alyssa's bag for hospital (I decided against packing a baby bag - I think his stuff will fit in my bag)
6.) Pack Rob's bag for hospital
7.) Interview and decide on a Pediatrician (have some good leads, just need to make appointments with them)
8.) Get all the wall decor up in the baby's room (can't start until #2 and #3 are done)
9.) Install car seat
10.) Have carseat inspected by fire department or police department to make sure its installed properly
11.) Get a good supply of wipes from costco and detergent (from Target)
12.) Buy crib mattress (at a specialty store, not babies r us)
13.) Buy outstanding items on registry
14.) Pack Buddy's bag and put near crate
15.) Assemble pack n play
16.) Assemble swing
17.) Clean guest bedroom
18.) Assemble glider - Rob started but realized it was broken. We need to wait 7-14 business days for it to come in, then assemble.
19.) Make or buy wall letters (I want to put up letters that spell out his name, I think I might try to make them)
20.) Buy baby clothes (if needed)
21.) Decorate for Christmas
22.) Figure out which insurance plan to get on and enroll through open enrollment
23.) Day trip to Monterey
24.) Go to Christmas in the Park with friends
25.) Get highlights (?) - not sure if I'll need to but not sure when I'll every get back to the salon
26.) Complete Christmas shopping
27.) Do some Christas baking
28.) At least 1 more date night with Jen and Brad
29.) Go in our hot tub (less than 98 degrees)
30.) Get a pedicure
31.) Get a massage (I belong to massage envy and I have about 4 massages that I've already paid for and I want to use them before he comes, then probably cancel my memberhsip)
32.) Buy nursing tank tops
33.) Buy nursing bras
34.) Buy "grandma underwear"
35.) Get toilet fixed
36.) Figure out our will/trust
37.) Put battery in watch
38.) Buy pads (tmi)
39.) Figure out if we are keeping the chord blood
40.) Put together arms reach co sleeper


Gale said...

Wow...btw...what is #40?

*Bri* said...

I just have to say that I am SO HAPPY to read #10 on your list - you will be so glad that you had your carseat inspected - call the CHP, they are great. Can't wait to hear about his arrival!