Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Last night was day 2 of Rob and my Childbirth Prep classes. During one of the exercises, she had the guys go off to one room and the girls to the other, and come up with a list of "feelings" we've had since we've become pregnant. I really like our class but I thought this exercise was a little silly.

After a few minutes we had our list complete and we started talking about other stuff: sleeping, appetites, etc. Someone mentioned hiccups and the girl next to me said "is it really obvious when they have hiccups?" Everyone in unison (except me) said "ohh yes, you'll know." I turned to the girl and said "I haven't had them either."

About twenty minutes later when the group got back together and the instructor was talking about something, I felt a thump. Thump. Thump. Kind of in the routine of a heartbeat. I knew they were hiccups, so cool! I felt like it was happening for 2 minutes but it was probably just 1 minute. It was totally random that we were just talking about it and then it happened. I guess Bob didn't want me to be the last one in the group to experience them.


Dorothy said...

Bob is already such a good baby! hehe

Gale said...

Oh, that guy! How funny - but I was waiting to hear about the "feelings" - besides the thump, thump, thump! :)