Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm officially on maternity leave and we are checking things off our list. The following items are completed:

1.) Assemble Crib
20.) Buy baby clothes (if needed)
21.) Decorate for Christmas
22.) Figure out which insurance plan to get on and enroll through open enrollment
40.) Put together arms reach co sleeper

My dad finished the nursery a few days before he and my mom went down to Long Beach for Thanksgiving. He painted the cream walls blue, installed the wainscotting and molding. We really like how it turned out - very nautical!

On Thanksgiving Day, Rob decided to put the crib together. Buddy was ready to help but first, he wanted someone to know if someone could "please throw this toy!!"

Rob lugged the crib pieces upstairs and started to get down to business. He found a bag in the main box, hoping the instructions were inside. He found this:

If you can't read it, it says "Do not use near cribs." Hmmm...

Then he stumbled across this:

only to find this inside:

So Rob went online to see if he could find the instructions when someone online had said the instructions were in the metal spring platform box instead. And they were!

Rob was finally able to get down to business.

The end result:

So pretty!


*Bri* said...

It looks wonderful!

Katie said...

Love it. Great job Ralph and Rob! Can't wait to see it titally complete.

Dorothy said...

Looking Good Mom and Dad Wagner!!

melrem said...

Love the color!

Gale said...

Sure do love the nautical theme idea...crib looks great!!