Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update to Mystery Shopper

I decided to go to the BRU (babies r us) by my work today to see if I could talk to someone who wasn't as passionate about "privacy issues." The guy at the registry desk told me they do not have the information I wanted but I should call the BRU Customer Care Line.

I called the number at 7:00 pm and got a hold of a live person! They were able to quickly tell me who bought the glider and the personal message that should have been in the box. I was so surprised and thrilled they had the information. I've heard BRU has great selection but their customer service is not so hot. Rob and I have been victims to their customer service level a couple times so I didn't expect to figure this mystery out with the help of the store.

If you ever run into an issue or have a question, I would totally recommend you call their hotline. The number is 1-888-222-9787.

Off to write a thank you note!


Dorothy said...

I want to know who it if from!

Gale said...

Me, too, although I think I already know :)