Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's Hear it for the Boys!

Someone is nesting......and it ain't me!

In the last few months, Rob has been working on one project after another around the house. Well, I should say Rob and my dad since my dad has helped with a lot of the projects. Rob works from home so when he doesn't have any meetings or meetings to prep for, he works on his projects.

Please note we moved into our house just over a year ago so these projects have been stacking up! In addition to projects, we've also bought some goodies for the house.

#1 - Fill hole in the bar area - the prior owners decided to take their beverage center with them. We lived here for a year with the hole looking like this:

We started using the space for storage and put some empty electronics boxes in there...

Here is our new and approved beverage center:

#2 - Surround Sound - We have surround sound speakers built into the ceiling of our family room. Rob got a new surround sound system and hooked it up so the sound comes through the built in speakers.

The outdoor speakers work now too... do the speakers built into our bathroom ceiling.

#3 - Hired a pool guy to help balance our pool chemicals and install the fiber optic pool lights.

#4 - Got a clock for outside.

#5 - Hung up our TV in the office and the shelves my dad built. Oh, and figured out the wiring situation so we could actually watch TV on the TV.

#6 - Got leather couch for office (Costco, great deal!!)

#7 - Bought and cut out pool cover to fit our pool. Rob's not entirely sure he loves the pool cover but we're going to use it for awhile to keep the heat in and probably not use it in the fall.

#8 - A big one: organize the garage. It is still a work in progress, but Rob's been working really hard on this. We had a bunch of stuff sitting in our 3rd car spot so he got some shelves at home depot to line along the walls to free up some space.

#9 - Figured out the outdoor lighting situation. On various trees and plants, there are these mini spotlights but we haven't been able to figure out how to turn them on. Rob found the switch in the garage. It was behind all of our crap.

#10 - Measured cubby space so my dad could build a little shelf for the electronics in our master bedroom.

#11 - Rob got a new amp holder. I think that's what it is called.

#12 - Purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T1i EF-S 18-55mm IS Kit so we can take some neat pics of Baby Wagner when he arrives (and Buddy).

#13 - Figure out how to use Rebel. We havent' started this project yet.

Projects I've been working on...

#1 - I bought this rug at Target.

#2 - I'm growing a human.

23 weeks, 2 days


Gale said...

Oh, yeah, Rob is nesting big time -I want to be there when he goes into labor :)

Baby Bump is coming right your top...last time I saw it Miss Emily was stretching it waaaaaaaayyy out to 'there'!!!

Rob said...

i started figuring out the camera. it's not too hard.

also, the saying is "new and improved" not "new and approved"

love you!!

Dorothy said...

Wow! The Wagner house is VERY busy! I think you should just work on making the human.

Katie said...

love your comment about making a human, too cute and funny!! and your baby bump is so little, you're barely showing. lucky girl...good genes.

melrem said...

Do it all now, as much as possible. If you get it all done, and have time to spare, please send Rob over our way!