Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mystery Shopper

Yesterday, the glider we registered for was delivered.

When the box came and Rob wasn't home, I decided to go ahead and open it because I HAD to know who bought it for us.

The box and glider aren't light but I managed to get the glider out by my pregnant self thankyouverymuch but there was no packing slip, note, etc.

I called Babies R Us to see if they can tell me the last name of the person who bought it (I'm assuming they used a credit card). The sales associate told me I can not have this information - they will not give it to me because of "privacy issues" and "sometimes the buyer doesn't want the parents to know who bought the item." Um...I can see that if they had it delivered to their home or were buying it at the store, but when they ship it directly to me, don't you think they would want us to know who sent it?

This is my attempt to see if I can find out who is the generous gift giver - if you have any information, please let me know so I can thank them/you.

P.s. I LOVE it :)


melrem said...

I think this is your punishment for opening it without Rob. :) Okay, okay, it was me--just kidding!

Alyssa said...

Ha! Waiting for Rob didn't even cross my mind. When we were engaged, he'd come home to opened crate and barrel and macys boxes and ask "what'd we get?" I think he now expects this of me. :)