Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mexico - Part 1

We survived the swine flu.

We got back on Friday night after 6 nights in Cabo with our friends Dorothy and Keith, and Maryanne and Brian. We had a lot of fun with our friends which was sprinkled with some annoyances regarding the hotel staff. All in all it was a good trip.

During this trip, we learned:

1.) Wagners will probably never go back to Mexico.
2.) Six nights is a little too long to stay in Mexico.
3.) Pepper is crazy.
4.) Keith's grandma was hot.
5.) "Extreme rocking" is sweeping the nation.
6.) US Mexican Food is better than real Mexican food. Yo quiero taco bell.
7.) Pina Coladas at our resort were awesome.

That's all I can remember for now. All couples took pictures so I'll post more Mexico once I get the pictures from everyone else.

Rob and I on the plane. Notice the Beiers in the background. They were nervous about the flight so they both received tranquilizers.

I was confused by this sign but Dorothy cleared it up for me: "If there is a bump, do the running man."

Our view.

Dinner at La Frida.

After dinner we went to the drug store - they sold viagra over the counter!

We weren't ready for bed yet so we decided to rock. Rob invented "extreme rocking."

One day we decided to head downtown and go shopping. Just what we were looking for: a nacho libre mask!

After shopping, we went to Mi Casa restaurant.

Dorothy received a fortune from Pedro the bird.

Getting randy with the statute.

We did this a lot.

We went to The Office for dinner on our last night in Cabo. The entertainment for the night was watching women going through mid life crises' taking tequila shots on stage.

This was probably around hour 6 of 14 of travel on Friday. Keith was showing off his manicure skills.


melrem said...

You know I wasn't really jealous until I saw that picture of you reading the book. That one got me!:)

Welcome back!

Dorothy said...

Nice recap! I will direct everyone to your blog!

Gale said...

KEITH'S 'GRANDMA' WAS HOT????? What the What??? Thank you for not bringing back any Swine Flu...or any swine, for that matter. I am thinking Extreme Rocking rocks. Luv those pics :)